they crawl in your head, they're in your ears
this is my (more?) personal blog.
kept separate from pregnancy.
probably going to be fairly dark.
and will likely contain rantings.
they crawl in your head, they're in your ears

Best Covers

Illustrator & Artist:
Rovina Cai
“Buried With Her Tresses”

“Elizabeth Siddal was a poet, painter, Pre-Raphaelite muse, and wife of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.”“When she died of a laudanum overdose in 1862, Rossetti buried a notebook of his poems with her. Years later when her coffin was exhumed, it is said that her corpse was remarkably well preserved, and that the book of poems was tangled in her long coppery tresses, which had continued to grow after her death.”“I recently saw a fantastic exhibition of Pre-Raphaelite paintings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC [link]. It has been providing me with inspiration for the past couple of months. It’s open until mid-May (I think) & I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves Victorian painting, fantasy art or a penchant for the tragic”

True Blood B